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4 underrated CULT-directors you should know

Brian de Palma:

⦁ started his directing Career in the late 60´s and early 70´s
⦁ attached to the „“New Hollywood“-movement; friends with other directors like Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola
⦁ discovered Robert de Niro, and suggested Scorsese to cast him for „Mean Streets“
⦁ helped develop innovative camera- and filming-techniques like „split-screen“
⦁ often makes films dealing with madness, main charecters dealing with mental illness, psychopaths etc.
⦁ known for his „visual brilliance“,  his Focus on Elaborate sceneries and stylisicism, using storyboards
⦁ often uses „Irony“ to soften his heavy and violent sujets
⦁ critisized for making overly violent, brutal and mysogynic movies

best/recommened films: „Carrie“, 1976; „Obsession“, 1966; „Blow Out“, 1981; „Scarface“, 1983; „Passion“ 2012

Michael Cimino:

⦁ started his Career in the 1970s
⦁ breakthrough film: „Thunderbolt & Lightfoot“ with Jeff Bridges and Clint Easwood
⦁ known for a powerful visual style, that has accuratedly been descirbed as „Terror of Beauty“
⦁ director of the Vietnam-film „The Deer Hunter“, that has won the Oscar as best feature
⦁ director of the film „Heaven´s Gate“, that ruined a whole film studio
⦁ after „Heaven´s Gate“, Cimino was not able anymore to get bigger Projects financed. In the 80´s he made smaller films, of which „Year of the Dragon“ stands out
⦁ In the 90s disappeared from the public eye
⦁ died last year, 2016

best/recommended films: „Thunderbolt & Lightfoot“, 1974 „The Deer Hunter“, 1978 „Year of the Dragon“, 1985

Alan Parker:

⦁ British-born
⦁ started his Career in Television advertising
⦁ „breakthrough“ 1978 with „Midnight Express“
⦁ likes to make films on „heavy subjects“ with a lot of intensity, such as ME (torture), „Mississippi Burning“ (racist violence) or „The Life of David Gale“ (death Penalty)
⦁ has a wide range of styles
⦁ has not made any new efforts since the 2003 film „Life of David Gale“

best/recommended films: „Midnight Express“, 1978 „Angel Heart“, 1987 „Mississippi Burning“, 1988 „The life of David Gale“, 2003

Paul Verhoeven:

best/recommended films: „Robo Cop“, 1987   „Basic Instinct“, 1992   „Showgirls“, 1995   „Starship Troopers“, 1997   „Hollow Man“, 2000

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