die besten 15 Filme von Martin Scorsese

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15. „Shutter Island“ (2010)


A scary travel into the abyss of the human subconsciousness: Leonardo Di Caprio, in another collaboration with Scorsese, plays an Ex-Soldier who gets haunted by dark memories of the war and his past…

A movie that functions well as a thriller, but, as we will see at the end, nothing is „as it seems“.

14. „Silence“ (2016)


An untypical Scorsese-movie: It lacks all the pace and thriving energy most of his works are known for, instead, focusses on a personal conflict of belief of the protagonists. You definitely need patience to watch that film til the end, but, if you do, it is a rewarding experience: The torture of silence is a welcome antipode to the recent action-overcharged Blockbuster-movies.

13. „The Departed“ (2006)


Definetely not one of Scorsese´s best or most innovative efforts, „The Departed“ still manages to be great film entertainment. The only Oscar he…

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