“Angel Heart”, Mickey Rourke / Robert de Niro “I know who I am”

“Endstation Sehnsucht” / “A streetcar named desire”, Marlon Brando

“The Dark Knight”, Heath Ledger, “You Need me”

“Im Auftrag des Teufels” / “The Devil´s Advocate”, Al Pacino

“The Master”, Joaquin Phoenix

“There will be blood”, Daniel Day Lewis, “I´ve abandoned my child”

“Eine Frage der Ehre” / “A few Good Men”, Tom Cruise / Jack Nicholson “You can´t handle the truth”

“Good Fellas”, Joe Pesci “Funny How?”

“Django Unchained”, Leonardo Di Caprio

“Before the Devil knows you are dead”, Philip Seymour Hoffman, “It´s not fair”

“Aviator”, Leonardo Di Caprio / Cate Blanchet, “Just an actress”