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5. „Taxi Driver“ (1976)


Maybe Scorsese´s most famous effort, and his big breakthrough: De Niro portrays Travis Bickle, a war-veteran, who is lost in the streets of New York. Haunted by depression, loneliness and growing paranoia, he starts an almost missionary cruisade to „clean the streets of the scum“.

„Taxi Driver“ is the portrait of a deeply disturbed human being, and the film that made De Niro a star. It´s best known for it´s shocking finale. Also, it marks the first collaboration between Martin Scorsese and screenwriter Paul Schrader.

quote: „You talkin´to me?!“ Travis Bickle

4. „Good Fellas“ (1990)

goodfellas bright

The ultimate Mafia-film: The second of Scorseses Mafia-films became his most famous one: Unbeaten in pace and directing, GoodFellas shows us 3 decades of the life in a mobster gang. There is no other film that has achieved capturing this tempting but dangerous lifestyle as good as…

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