15. “Shutter Island” (2010)


A scary travel into the abyss of the human subconsciousness: Leonardo Di Caprio, in another collaboration with Scorsese, plays an Ex-Soldier who gets haunted by dark memories of the war and his past…

A movie that functions well as a thriller, but, as we will see at the end, nothing is “as it seems”.

14. “Silence” (2016)


An untypical Scorsese-movie: It lacks all the pace and thriving energy most of his works are known for, instead, focusses on a personal conflict of belief of the protagonists. You definitely need patience to watch that film til the end, but, if you do, it is a rewarding experience: The torture of silence is a welcome antipode to the recent action-overcharged Blockbuster-movies.

13. “The Departed” (2006)


Definetely not one of Scorsese´s best or most innovative efforts, “The Departed” still manages to be great film entertainment. The only Oscar he ever received Scorsese got for this film, which can be explained by the fact that, compared to his other works, “The Depareted” is quite easily accesible and somewhat a “mainstream” film. Plus: A great cast, lead by – once again – Leo Di Caprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg.

12. “Kundun” (1997)


“Kundun” lets us witness a beautiful spiritual journey, based on the life of the Dalai Lama. At first sight another quite untypical Scorsese-film, it achieves to convey the feeling of “meditative peace”. In addition, it is full of beautifully shot pictures.

11. “Gangs of New York” (2002)


The first Scorsese-film with Leonardo Di Caprio, but the center of the stage belongs to Daniel Day Lewis as “Bill the Butcher”. “Gangs of New York” tries to reconstruct the story of the birth of New York, a story of blood, violence, and gangfights. Although it can be critisized for beeing a bit too long, it is still an entertaining lecture in history, with  great acting.

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